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Tourism Visuals That Cause FOMO

We believe in creating visual assets that encourage a human reaction. Traditional destination marketing focuses on just that; the destination. Rather than making the focus a location, we aim to place the focus on human experience.

Instead of viewers saying "that's a cool place," we want them to say "I wish that was me!" By crafting a visual adventure that causes FOMO, viewers are driven to take action to duplicate that experience for themselves.

Visual Communication Matters

In the world of destination marketing, the visuals you rely on for your campaign do a lot of heavy lifting in "selling" the experience and appeal of your location. Elevated photo and video can exponentially elevate your campaign appeal, which is especially important for small and mid-sized markets.

In 2021, Wisconsin tourism was a nearly 21 billion dollar industry, with travelers consistently rating three things as "deal breakers" - bland and unappealing accommodations, non-aesthetic food photos, and boring content presentation.

If you're hoping to get a bigger piece of that 21-billion-dollar tourism pie, that's where we come in.

About Us

Your Marketing Dream Team

Jonathan Eckelberg Productions and Shift Visuals have years of experience working within the travel and tourism industry and have helped many destinations in Wisconsin develop seasonal campaigns that tell the story of the destination; driving travelers near and far to the experiences they offer. 

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