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Our Story

We're weird, but in a good way.

Shift Visuals was started by two fellas with a shared passion: to tell stories that matter. We're not interested in cutting corners or recycling ideas. We apply a fresh perspective and an innovative point-of-view to every project, from the ideation phase all the way into post-production.


We've grown a bit over the years, but our mission stays the same. Our small-but-mighty team works directly with clients to hand-craft visual stories designed to reach the right people. Whether we're working with a local non-profit or we’re managing a huge set, our work is always 100% bespoke.

We create content that we're proud of, which means we come to each project with fresh, new ideas and a playful spirit. Some might think it's weird to do business that way, but we think it's the right thing to do.


What We Do

We enjoy meeting and working with clients across all industries, and we have a knack for really understanding an organization within a short period of time. This helps us to deliver a video or photography project that fits your culture and voice perfectly. We are client and quality focused, turning out only the best and most compelling material to represent your brand.


Shift Visuals specializes in product, architectural, editorial and commercial portrait photography, as well as video production, storytelling, advertising, and animation.


The Studio

Our full-service filming and editing studio is located in the heart of downtown Green Bay, and we love having our finger on the pulse of what's happening in the city, and of course, we also enjoy being within walking distance of all our favorite lunch — and happy hour — spots.


We could go on and on about our 2,000 square foot studio, our state-of-the-art equipment, our suspiciously comfortable client meeting rooms, and our multiple bathrooms (one even has a shower). But we know you're probably still thinking about those lunch spots, so we'll spare you all the details.

And, if your project requires a larger indoor space, we have several rental options available.


The Gear

We can't help ourselves. We're gear nerds, too. When we find a tool that helps us tell a story we jump in head first. While we have a pretty standard 1 ton grip van we have a number of parts and pieces that can help you tell your story effectively and in a way the makes the viewer stop scrolling and start listening. Click here for a full production gear listing.

The Team

DJ_Company photos0518.jpg

DJ Kast

Cinematographer & Photographer

Mark Company photos0307.jpg

Mark Moran

Director & Editor


Paige Grube

Editor & Producer

Some of our clients

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Courtney - C3

We hired Shift Visuals on a perpetual retainer for our video production needs through the year. Mark and DJ did a fantastic job of elevating our video content to better align with our brand. They filmed a variety of content for us, ranging from a ceiling-high machinery to one on one interviews. Regardless, the finished product was always on-brand and well done. Mark and DJ work well with other creatives - allowing us to direct the vision or taking the reins themselves...even on a whim! If you’re looking to elevate your video content or tell a better story, Shift Visuals is your team.

Josh Doxtator_VIS0214.jpg

Josh - Thornberry Creek

I met Mark and DJ while working on a project with the Chamber and was immediately convinced of their professionalism and work. Since that interaction I have relied on them for everything; including all photography and video needs in my business. They have the innate ability to make anyone or anything look amazing and I will continue to promote SHIFT whenever possible. You can't find more genuine, sincere gentlemen willing to invest their heart in your project; I've utilized many in the market and no one even comes close."


Steve - The Karma Group

We have had the pleasure of working with Shift on a number of projects and I recommend them with the highest of confidence. In addition to finding them professional, technically astute and easy to work with, we have been most impressed with the understanding and vision Mark and DJ bring to each project. They are artists first who use video as their medium. The plan, light, shoot and edit with a sense of how the finished product will move the audience. They understand how to produce video that informs the mind, touches the heart and inspires the human spirit.


Shift Visuals has been producing videos in Green Bay, Wisconsin since 2015 and we're not stopping anytime soon.


Telling your brand's unique story is what gets us up in the morning! Connect with the people who matter to you.

Commercial Photography

There are a million photographers within a 2 mile radius of you right now. But here's why we're the ones to work with.



Have you considered an animated video? Sometimes colorful and cute is the way to go! Click to see what we can do for you.

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