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Working with a Photographer to get Professional Headshots That Make You Look Your Best

Recently, the team at US Venture came to us looking for a headshot photographer to update some staff portraits. Most of their HR crew was in town for meetings/trainings but the catch was they wouldn’t know exactly who would be available or when. Because of that we knew our portrait team had to be flexible, fast, and as always, good. We found a corner of the lobby at the corporate headquarters in Appleton that was easy to find, looked great and was just enough out of the way. The staff was able to jump in for their portrait when it was convenient for them and we even had a live monitor set up so they could see and make adjustments in real time.

Portrait setup in Appleton Wisconsin
Setup in the Lobby


Because we had to photograph a higher number of people in limited time we came up with a simple lighting design that would look great for anyone (with minor tweaks). In the end each portrait session probably only lasted 5 minutes or so but, because the lighting was simplified and set the majority of that time was spent shooting. Making sure our clients are as excited about the images as we are is really important to us. One key in our process is taking a brief pause halfway. That allows us to evaluate what we've got so far and make on the fly changes as necessary. In this instance some people changed their hair a bit, changed clothing items, or just found they liked a type of pose better than others.

Professional headshot of woman in suitcoat in Appleton Wisconsin

Some of the best moments from the photoshoot came when large groups of the team showed up at the same time. It made for a fun, energetic and really supportive environment. Some of the team even acted as hair/makeup for their co workers.


It doesn't take long to see that they have a great corporate culture. The team seems to really get along, they were fun, and they made the photoshoot a breeze. We try to make every photo we take stand out and in this instance their personalities did that and then some!

If you want to see more of our portrait work and learn how we can work together click below.

Though we're based in Green Bay, Wisconsin If you're looking for a photographer to take a professional headshot, drop us a line. We travel often and love working in Appleton, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Door County and beyond!



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