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DJ Kast


My education began in film school at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and it continued with a position with a high-end photography and video house in Green Bay.

After cutting my teeth as a photo and video assistant for 5 years, learning from and working with the best in the business, I made my own transition to commercial Photographer and Cinematographer.

I specialize in high-end commercial photography and video, and I believe that a quality product results in a distraction-free and emotionally impactful message for an audience or customer.

In addition to a hardworking midwestern attitude, I bring a sense of humor and fun to every set.
A light and comfortable set brings out the best in everyone – from actors to clients and business owners, and results in a more genuine product.

 See my personal portfolio here

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Mark Moran


I think there’s no right time to find your calling. I became a video director and editor in my late twenties. Someone once told me that what you do for a career should be what you played at doing as a kid. It stuck with me.
Relocating to the US from the UK, I think, gives me a unique perspective on my work. I know Green Bay from my eleven years of making it my home, and I’m still intrinsically tied to my European roots. That lets me truly think differently to create, solve problems and offer suggestions to bring ideas to life.

I’m pretty particular when it comes to video post production. That happens when you have a passion for the craft. I love working hand in hand with clients throughout a project to truly collaborate and deliver outstanding videos that speak to people on many different levels. It’s such a good feeling when you find your passion, and I couldn’t ask for more than coming to work every day to create compelling, impactful visuals.

Outside of work, I enjoy travel, food, music, photography and other normal, boring stuff. In no particular order, but you should probably eat before you do anything, and then once you’re finished you’ll probably be hungry again, so…


Paige Grube


I began my film journey attending college at a Southern California film school. Yes, I miss the weather.

I joined Shift Visuals as a director and editor in 2020 after years of working as a video producer at Kohler Co. My quest to find the human stories, both on set and in post production aligns perfectly with Shift's vision.

People are my interest. I love storytelling in large and small scale. A paramount extrovert, I inherited the "she can start a conversation with anyone" trait from my mother. Interviewing folks is my favorite part of the job.
I recently independently completed an award winning documentary titled "Seeds of Life" which I filmed & produced in Haiti, about a woman working in rural Haiti bringing agriculture knowledge and cultural change.

I am a dog mom to Max, an old man "Chiweenie" rescue. He comes to the office quite a bit and am working on teaching him Premiere Pro. I have 74 houseplants and I'm a geek for true crime podcasts and all kinds of documentaries. In my free time I can be found floral designing or attending music festivals. My beer of choice is always an IPA.


While we work primarily in Northeastern Wisconsin, including Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond Du Lac,
we do travel to other areas of the state, including Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau and La Crosse.
We are also open to production opportunities outside Wisconsin, and will happily travel where needed.


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