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Eau Claire Video Production

Eau Claire is such a cool place and we love whenever we get the chance to shoot video there. Whether you want to create a library of testimonial videos or use the power of digital storytelling to attract more customers, we would be honored to lead your project. Check out our various video production services below or reach out to us and we can have a conversation about your ideas!

Testimonial Video

Google reviews are great, but a testimonial video is so much more powerful. We’ll help you highlight your most satisfied customers using the power of visual storytelling. These videos are extremely effective marketing assets to have on hand, and they have a very long shelf life!

Animation Video

Want to do something a little bit different? Animation videos are a fun and creative way to show off your products and services, train new team members, or show people how to do something. We can help with everything, from script writing to storyboarding to voice overs.

Healthcare Video

Everyone needs a healthcare option they can feel good about. If you’re in the healthcare industry, we would love to help you put together a video that highlights your mission and values. These videos are great for marketing, advertising, storytelling, and more!

Recruitment Video

Looking to tap into the talented workforce in Eau Claire and beyond to grow your organization? A recruitment video is a very effective tool and will help you stand out from the pack. Let’s create something together that will proactively target your dream candidates!

Manufacturing Video

Eau Claire might not be the first place people think of when they think of manufacturing, but that means they haven’t heard your story yet. Let’s create a dynamic manufacturing video that showcases all of the hard work you’re doing for the community!

Product Video 

One of our favorite types of projects to work on is product videos and product photography. Your amazing work deserves its place in the spotlight. We can help you do just that by creating beautiful visual assets that will help turn browsers into buyers.

What Our Clients Say

heather nohr.jpeg

Heather Nohr, Director of Marketing & Branding

Sommerville Architects & Engineers

I could go on about how they met our deadlines and budget, but that is basic stuff. What you get from Shift Visuals is far beyond basic services. I would highly recommend working with the Sift Visuals team, and I am excited to work with them again. 

Who We Serve

Shift Visuals is an award winning full-service video production and commercial photography company. Our studio is located in Downtown Green Bay, but we are happy to travel throughout the Midwest, including Door County, Appleton, Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Upper Michigan.

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